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a/part from thought
08.05.03 at 3:37 pm

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sweaty fingers, heart pump, your inside walls, a beat, entwined you ask me, what are you thinking? what! what are you thinking? fingers like legs like toes our arms the bodies of, the bodies, you ask, what. what are you thinking? what do you think? i think alone, awake, and apart. a part of me thinks thinking is danger, your question a threat. apart inspires fingers like bodies entwined, apart from a part, like fingers a part of a hand, a part of your body. we are apart tonight. i think of parts, like the part when you ask me, what are you thinking about? and answers are parts of a part, apart from the whole. ask me, what are you thinking? parts of me make my whole, i think, and i think my whole is a part of a whole, and when you ask me, what are you thinking? i think i donít know. i think parts are parts of wholes are parts of wholes. and when we are apart i remember what i was thinking and i think i miss you.

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